Saturday, November 12, 2011

weekly goals

[i made this at 3am when i couldn't sleep]

  • try new things
  • use 15 minute windows to accomplish something
  • exercise extra
  • eat clean foods (limit processed foods)
  • tidy up
last night some team mates and i tried a kickboxing/cardio class after practice.  it was so much fun and i completely felt like a bad ass.  we are going to try zumba and a hip hop class later this week.  i'm also trying to increase my productivity and when i find lulls in my day to upwards of 15 minutes.  i think i can never get anything done so i just browse on my phone or sit and stare.  i have found that i can accomlpish a lot in those 15 minutes.  i've started completing little bits of school work or putting away that pile of laundry that has been on my floor for a week. (oops)  my room mates and i have also created a calendar that we cross off for not eating sweets.  it helps to see how much i was indulging before.  i really want to be fit for tennis season in the spring and if it's one of my major goals i want to stick with it and hold myself accountable.  lists and crosses keep me in check.  i feel very satisfied with a big red marker.

happy saturday lovlies!  go out and try something may fall in love with it.

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