Wednesday, November 16, 2011


New restaurant with cozy hipster appeal. A wall full of little notes and 
remnants comes together with well wishes, love and hope. Good music plays on 
the stereo and I feel warm and happy.  You know those moments when you want to 
cry cause it just feels right? I'm having one right now. Window sills full of 
trinkets. Human interaction. Smiles and laughter. All of the subtleties are just 
proofs of love. Proof that happiness is all around and when you don't feel it, 
you just aren't looking hard enough or you're turning a blind eye. I'm having a 
moment so give me a break if this seems emo-ish or completely obscure. I'm just 
having a ramble sesh. I guess I'll just end with a hug sounds great right about 

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