Monday, November 7, 2011

instagram monday

today was a beautiful fall day on campus...busted out the sperry boots and a dress.  in other news, welcomed a new pup into the fam yesterday.  isn't she adorable?

tonight i ventured to a new coffee shop to write a paper for english and was also able to cross something off of my bucket list which was to try bubble tea.  it sounds like such a fun delicious treat, but i wasn't too sold.  i'm not even considering the fact that it's dangerous to drink because once those tapioca beads get stuck in your straw you're sure to choke yourself whilst over compensating on the following sip.

dreaming of over-sized sweaters, oxfords and pumpkin spiced lattes.  this morning i tried to pull off the whole tights-under-shorts look and i just wasn't gutsy enough to strut it.

happy monday :)

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