Monday, October 22, 2012

weekend DIY

spent sunday evening painting pumpkins with the boy.  he's such a good sport putting up with my arts and crafts and spending time doing them with me.  the skull pumpkins were inspired by cinco de mayo candy skulls i saw over on the free people blog.  it was an enjoyable evening activity and they turned out pretty darn good!
hope you all had a happy monday!  feels good to cross off things on the to do list for the week.
ps sorry for the crappy cell phone pics

Sunday, October 21, 2012


sipping fresh, hot apple cider and hitting the school books.  these past two weeks have been an amazing mix of self discovery and hard work.  life is good and the people in it are even better.  i am more myself than ever before and i am comfortable in my own skin and being me.  i changed my attitude around and had to once again remind myself to choose my own happiness.  it's both tiring and selfish to be in a funk.  being happy is when i'm my best smile is genuine and i embrace the people around me.  the fall chill has awakened my soul.  my heart feels warm and my face glows with sheer happiness. 
i painted a couple birdhouses last weekend.  it felt good to get my hands dirty with paints and glitter.  i have also started to run.  it clears my mind and is a huge release from daily life stresses.
cheers to being free and letting go and just being yourself.
happy sunday.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wandering mind

I've been out of my element the past week or so.  Definitely battling some internal struggles and frustrations, but I have found that much of what made me warm and fuzzy has been thrown aside for the essence of time. No more late night coffee. Missed the farmers market the past two or three weekends. Early morning grocery runs vanished. Blogging...what's that?  I haven't written a letter in a week which is very unusual and wearing drab sweats to class everyday.
The artistic sides have been pushed away. I must do a better job of wearing my beloved clothes and sending mail and being happy.