Sunday, November 13, 2011

saturday sophistication


saturday was full of sophistication.  i headed to the bloomington handmade market with this lovely lady, rachel.  we ooed and ahhed over swoon-worthy handmade items and lusted for crafty goodness.  there were some awesome vendors and i'll link up some favorites below.

later some team mates and i headed to our favorite coffee shop to study and sip bottomless cups of Guatemalan coffee and enjoy soothing music.  after we treated ourselves to a french dinner and felt so sophisticated in our nice outfits having a nice meal together.  it was a perfect saturday followed by the laziest sunday ever.  i cleaned today, did laundry and lounged around.  the roomies and i went to our favorite soup place for warm cups of zucchini pesto soup on this windy and gray sky day.  i must say i am enjoying our tennis off season now.  only 8 hours a week of practice/conditioning rather than 20.  tonight we are going to try a zumba class.  trying new things is going well for me.

i'm feeling very content with life right now.  this wintery weather makes me want to cuddle up with my own thoughts and realize how lucky i am to be surrounded by people i love and people who care about me.  they say college is the best years of your life...i can tell why: a whole lot of freedom and just enough responsibility.  i'm turning 20 in 16 days.  i think this early onset sense of sophistication is in anticipation of starting my 20s.  i'm kinda liking it.

looking forward to going home for thanksgiving break in a week.  four of my international team mates will be joining me at home.  it'll be a nice break from btown and great time spent with family and the new puppy.  i miss my home town and the cozy familiarity along the little downtown streets.  looking forward to home cooked meals, visits to my favorite restaurants and more lazy days.

hope you are all having a cozy sunday.  sunday night means meditation night in this house so i'm excited for that too :)

crafty love from the handmade market:
opposite of far: fox mask and hair bows
purple hippo stitches: funny cross stitch
katie vernon: illustration, adorable animal prints
megan winn: beautiful leather journals
courtney fischer: BEAUTIFUL unique jewelry
sara b jewelry: SWOON, the sand dollar ring is my fave

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