Monday, January 16, 2012

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so maybe this is turning into a monday and thursday quote blog and the occasional tunesdays, but it's happens.  classes have started and tennis season is in full swing.  i find myself awake at 6am tossing and turning with the names of all the bone structures in the skull running through my mind with no prevail.  flash cards and coffee have become a perfect pair as well as tennis sweats and class.  i'm really working hard to stay organized and keep up with my school work.  also trying this new thing where i don't listen to music while i study...amazing fact: i actually study better.  wowee.  ground breaking news.

time for coffee and studying and laundry.

on a side note:  i'm pretty sure only 10 people read this blog regularly...on a good day.  if you're out there, i'd love to know.

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