Saturday, January 21, 2012


reading this.  my dad bought this for me for christmas...a very easy and enjoyable read.  mindy is incredibly clever and funny and i love her anecdotes about her awkward and sometimes humiliating childhood and stories about guys and the flaws in what we call the media and society or the flaws in general about the human mind and daily interaction.  i particularly loved her chapter titled "guys need to do almost nothing to be great" which has inspired me to compile a list of things a guy could do to make me swoon instantaneously.
 listening to this.  went to a small, local music/record store this week with a friend that told me i HAD to experience.  clearly he knows i'm easy to please (add record-store-finding-guy to the swoon list?  in this case probably not, but generally speaking...)  i could have spent hours (hundreds of dollars) there just browsing.  physical cds (and now vinyl since i have a lovely record player) have a soft spot in my heart.  i like having a tangible music collection on a shelf rather than the list of songs i can scroll through on my ipod.  don't get me wrong, the ipod is heavenly, but my future apartment decor could be determined by what musical greatness is displayed in a color wheel manner in my living room.  i've heard so many good reviews about this new black keys album...i still have to listen to the album in its entirety, but knowing these guys, it's bound to be an instant classic.
wearing these a lot.  an impulse after-christmas purchase from the sale section of urban outfitters, and by sale section i mean the glaring red tab at the top on the homepage.  the one that screams "come check me know you want to.  there is probably something you will buy cause it's $9.99 now instead of $30...what a steal.)  half off, red, high-top vans.  usually i'm not a big online shopper, but these beauts were not only my school color, but when i checked the sizes my size was the only available one there it was, fate had found me through my computer screen as i was still curled up under the covers and the perfect match was made.  now many people would think they would have a hard time pulling off these loud and obnoxious flashy shoes, but i say JUST DO IT.  feign the confidence and people will envy you for your seemingly effortless coolness.  (really, i'm not a conceited person.)  my mom bought me a pair of sperry high-top boots last year and i almost returned them based on the "i can't pull these off" factor, but today they are my go to shoe.  wow, so shoes don't make me who i am, but yeah....don't know where i'm going with this.  i guess punch line: buy cool funky's exhilarating, trust me.

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