Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 (in no particular order)

  • i played my first season of college tennis and received the sportsmanship award for my school and in the big ten
  • i went to las vegas with my team for spring break
  • i traveled to bolivia for two weeks this summer
  • i moved into my own place with the best room mates a girl could ask for
  • i cut ties with people that brought me down and filled the gaps with new faces that make me incredibly happy
  • i grew my wardrobe with more hipster attire and my itunes library expanded with an explosion of indie rock goodness
  • it was a year that i went to more local concerts and truly appreciated live music
  • i attempted water skiing and wake boarding with little (absolutely zero) success
  • i pushed my body super hard
  • i started to believe in myself and my potential
  • i became more confident and outgoing and realized life was too short to live it for anyone else
  • i got caught up in drama but found a way out
  • i started blogging again...this time without any agenda or obligation
  • i am so thankful for those i have spent quality time with this year...the people i could sit down and talk to for hours about anything

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