Thursday, January 5, 2012

the dream house

A sprawling yard of lush, green grass, flowerbeds overflowing with blossoms and a slow trickle from a stone fountain appear before me.  Large ancient trees shade the side of the house and I walk up the brick pathway welcomed by a white wood wrap around porch with natural colored wicker furniture…big comfy fabric cushions and a screened off section.

The main floor has a modest foyer, a beautiful woven rug and huge mirror with a vaulted ceiling directing the eye to follow the linearity of the staircase.  The upstairs landing is open looking out over the family room on the back side of the house.  Large windows let light stream in, natural colored furniture with pops of bright colored accents.

The kitchen is modern, clean lines, open space, natural wood, stainless steel appliances.
The hallways have shelves full of trinkets, photographs and travel souvenirs.   There is a study with a winding staircase to a cupola with a library and a sliding ladder along tall bookcases full of novels and books of all kinds.

{was just thinking about this the other night with a friend…I feel like I could go on and on in every detail possible…these just come to mind}

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