Saturday, April 28, 2012

coffee shop slumber

opening up one of my fave local coffee shops today.  it's rainy outside and a bottomless cup of joe is in store for my long day of studies.  it's winding down...changes are in store.  it's sad, but exciting.  a new season, new endeavors, new relationships...a change of scenery.

things i'm looking forward to the most this summer:
  • reading for pleasure
  • making stuff
  • coffee shop inhabitance
  • walking my dogs
  • early morning gym time
  • walking down third street
i've had the pleasure of meeting people that challenge me and bring out the best in me.  people that make me think and appreciate all that i have in my life.  there's something thrilling about someone who wants to figure you out per say and understand how the insides of your brain twist and turn.  those people delve into the depths of my mind and soul and i wake up with a sense of wonder and question until we meet again.  funny to think how often those people have been under your nose for quite some time.  they surprise you unexpectedly.  the right people will come at the right time.  always.

happy saturday

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