Friday, December 2, 2011

dear december

dear december,
i would like to start off by noting your quick a good way.  it seems as though the rush of summer and fall has reached a climax and is falling into a sense of acceptance.  the story lines have played out and the wonder is lost.  some stories have come to a close and others have reopened and are only beginning.  some stories faded into the background and the once minor characters have become more prominent.  those are the characters you want to keep around...even when they are paid little attention they stick around cause the best is yet to come and the journey is all the fun.

thank you for holiday cups at starbucks and cozy scarves and sweaters.  thank you for christmas music and a season that makes people spend time with the people they love.  thank you for twinkling lights and togetherness.  thank you for reflection of the year that has passed and anticipation for the next.

classes are winding down with finals and an end is in sight.  your month seems to slow time...seeking long hours in the comfort of coffee shops and cuddled up on couches with friends and family...a fire and a warm drink.

thank you for this beautiful time of year.

with love,
sentimental college student seeking bits and pieces of the simple things before growing up became reality (that sounds so emo, but i really need to be myself)

p.s. let's show more love in this month and let the people i care about the most know that i truly do

Human life is but a series of footnotes to a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece
Vladimir Nabokov

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