Monday, September 3, 2012

weekend update

 {pretty crate find from dad}

 {flowers from Shannon}

The boy was in town this weekend.  Saturday I went to the farmer's market and purchased delicious mini cantaloupes called lil' loupes.  I also attended the art fair and purchased the two puppy prints above from the artists, Angela Bond.  I could not resist their adorable faces and immediately missed my pups back home.
Saturday night we went to the football game and ate heavenly pizza.  Sunday was rainy and depressing and lacking any motivation whatsoever, but the boyfriend took me to the antique mall and bought me a blue Ball jar as well as some doilies so it wasn't a complete bust.  We also baked some sinful buffalo chicken dip. 
Today we had breakfast out and now I am spending the rest of the afternoon actually studying.  Guess that's part of being in college.
Happy Labor Day!

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  1. AH!! I remember those days. Long weekends that ended in studying or writing a paper, then preparing for the return to classes the following day. Sounds like a fun weekend, even if Sunday was not quite what you expected. Welcome back to college (grin).