Saturday, September 1, 2012

dear september

Another month gone.  A month of self discovery, newness and introspection.  I am me.  I will be the person I want to be and I will not let others change that.  I have found what makes me happy, makes me inspired and makes me better.  I am wandering down a new all my own.  A path where I do not have to do things just to fit in and feel included, but a path that I can stop at my own will and feel and be nothing but genuine.
September is about letter writing, farmer's market going, coffee drinking, studying, creating and believing that despite set backs I will be changed for the better.  September is for dress wearing, treasure hunting and kindness.  This path has been created for a reason and I will wander and follow it as I please.  I finally feel like I am really me.  I always lived separate lives and now they have merged into one.  Thank you August and cheers to September. 


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  1. What a fantastic way to greet September. I like how you have taken on the challenge of being yourself. That can be difficult at times, when friends, family, teachers, advisers, doctors, and others tug at you to be someone you are not, or someone they want you to be. Welcome to this new and interesting chapter. Welcome to September!