Saturday, August 25, 2012

saturday morning sweetness

There is something about weekend mornings that just makes me burst with energy and productivity.  I like to greet the morning sunshine and scratch off my to do list before lunch time. 
This morning I took an invigorating run to the football stadium where Shannon and I ran the stadium steps until we thought we may actually heave a lung.  We walked home, calves shaking under the weight of our bodies, but they were definitely unsteady steps of satisfaction.
I folded laundry methodically.  Something so simple...a chore indeed, yet relaxing.  Then it was off to the farmer's market...a summer dress day is always a good day.  I wish I took a picture of all the fresh zinnias.  Swoooooon.
Currently sitting in the coffee shop studying.  Check marks all down the to do list.
Cooking a lovely meal of stuffed peppers tonight.
All is good.
Happy Weekend!

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