Friday, June 29, 2012

i made this

i finished this during my first week home from school.  i painted the canvas background at a class at the international quilt festival five years ago and never did anything with it until now.  i just dove in one day and finished it.  YES...i realize i spelled "disappear" wrong, but i have a creative license, right?  i used alphabet stamps and then colored the letters in to make them darker.  i'm happy with the result and think i will hang it up in my room at school.

i truly believe we are all made of little pieces...the pieces come and go.  i feel like i have pieces of me that are dead through all the normalcy, but once they are fed or triggered they just explode and flourish for quite some time.  i go through phases of being inspired and driven to routine where i just go through the motions until the inspiration strikes me upside the head.

someone asked me, "what's it worth to you, being inspired by someone?"  it took me by surprise, this question and i had to think.  it's a good question to find out what drives your inner creative being. 
this was my reply, "if someone can get at my core and truly inspire me to create or think or come alive, it cannot be numbered.  it gets into my blood and stays there until i do something about it."

i feel indebted to people who inspire me and draw me out of ruts.  people who ask the tough questions that help me understand the inner networks of my mind.  all the pieces are there, i just never asked the questions that helped me put them all together.  and i don't manifest all the pieces on my own...they come and go along the way from who i meet and what i experience.  i just hope i can keep them coming alive without letting too many die off before i'm ready.

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