Sunday, June 10, 2012

health nut

so i'm in trader joe's doing some grocery shopping and as the cashier is checking me out he says, "what is all this for?  are you a health nut?"  then i thought well yeah, i guess i kinda am.  i know this blog has always been for my philosophical moments and art, but health and fitness are also actually huge parts of my life and who i am.  i am going into the physical therapy field and i am a fitness fanatic and play tennis for my university.  i've been hitting the gym twice a day most days of the week cause i love the feeling of lifting heavy and pushing myself to limits i didn't think i could reach.  there is something thrilling about picking up a barbell loaded with weights that i struggled to pick up weeks before.  i am blessed with a capable body...a strong machine that makes anything possible.  and there is nothing more satisfying than the high i experience after a killer workout...sweat dripping down my face, legs shakey but i'm so full of energy.
this week was for spinach smoothies, protein peanut butter cookies and sprints til my quads were numb.

it's amazing to see the changes in my body and how my hard work is paying off.  i'm getting stronger mentally and physically.  so yes, excuse me for being a health nut.

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