Tuesday, May 15, 2012

being a regular

when i'm older i want to live in a town with locally owned businesses and friendly staff.  i want to walk through the grocery store and be on a first name basis with the produce man or the deli counter lady.  i want to drop by my favorite breakfast place and have a "usual".  the server would have my order placed as she poured my cup of coffee and i chatted with the owner catching up.  i would go to the gym at the same time each morning and workout.  "hi jim, hi bob...how's the family?  how about this weather?" 
i love where i live now and i could see myself living here in the future.  it's so cozy and like my secret little escape.  the main drag of downtown will always have my heart and i seek solace in the parkway tree-lined streets and corner benches.  the old homes turned coffee shop, boutique or restaurant are swoon worthy.
this town electrifies the summer love pulsing through my veins.  each alley, street and sidewalk makes me reminisce.  i feel giddy and loved.  this town is a warm embrace and i never want to let it go.  when i do leave, i know i can always come back and it will be waiting with open arms.  the summer air sends chills down my spine.  chills of excitement for the surprises tucked away in the days to unfold.  each day an unexpected gift of goodness.  the gifts of sweet summertime.

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