Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a beautiful sunrise

the sun sets only to rise again.  driving in silence my thoughts consume me.  i think upon the year that has passed...how i've grown...the people that i have surrounded myself with.
the year before i was cold and empty.  i was lost from this place, from creative thought and feeling, from blogging and journalling, from tears of joy and hugs of safety and security.  i didn't feel.  i wasn't compelled by deep thought.  it was all on the surface and emotionally draining.  it left me cold and unfamiliar.
then the fall came and i found myself lifted up by fresh faces.  warm, caring, kind people.  no hidden agendas just raw feelings and honesty rooted within me and i lifted myself up.  i cut out the people that brought me down and made room for people that challenged me and made me think.  people that truly cared about me and showed interest in what i had to offer.  i found the old me.  the one that got swept up by freshman year life and social agendas.
i missed high school me.  the quiet, anti-social, under the radar me.  i missed alone time and time spent filling pages in my journal with thought, life and angst.  i was so blessed with these fresh faces in my time of need.  they steered me in the right direction so that i could rise again and feel whole and happy.  it had been missing for awhile and i just hadn't seen it yet.
looking back at this year i see all the good that unfolded.  i found healthy relationships with people that made me better, people that brought out the best in me.  i'm filled with content and peace of mind.  everything is set just right.  i am lucky to be so incredibly blessed.

time for sweet summer magic.  it's on the horizon and i can almost taste it.

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