Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day?

red paper scraps scattered on a cluttered desk.  piles of paper, cards and stamps.  paper hearts all around.  while it's a blessing to be loved and to love so many at the same time love hurts.  it comes and goes.  what is forever love?  does it truly exist?  the word love gets tossed around all too easily sometimes and other times not nearly enough.  you should tell the people you love that you love them and remind them daily of what they mean to you.  but why is it that those you love can make you hurt just the same?  love takes hold of you.  it grips and twists your insides in a tangle of confusion.  friends you love grow further out of reach and sometimes i wonder where it when wrong and why.  love makes you fall when you don't want to let yourself feel too much...to save yourself from the hurt.  real love hurts.  real love makes your eyes well up with tears whether they are happy or sad.

then there is puppy love...the love that makes you giddy at the thought...make you smile with intrigue and curiosity.  puppy love can't hurt cause you don't know what you really feel...or at least not just yet.

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