Wednesday, March 21, 2012


people are restoring my faith in humanity.  it's the little things that remind me of how lucky i am to meet special, unique and different kinds of people.  the quirks, the expressions, the actions without words.  an awkward comment, a text miscommunication, the thrill of ransacking a goodwill store, a touch on the nape of your neck, a fabulously detailed letter in the mail from someone you thought was out of touch.  these people give me comfort in this world where it's so easy to get caught up in the superficial gossip and rumors.  it's easy to become estranged from yourself sometimes, but then these people bring me back down to earth to the simple things.  i only hope i do the same.  this weather has me flying high.

in other news, i have way too many clothes to be allowed to buy more.  starting today i reinvent outfits and dig up ones that have been forgotten.  thinking about putting an outfit inspiration hanger on my wall.  fabric wrapped hanger...sounds like a nice lil DIY.

happy wednesday!

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