Saturday, October 22, 2011

diary of a soccer mom sans mini van

today was perfect...refreshing. i woke up at 7am and cleaned house (i love cleaning and picking up around our house. clear space=clear mind) then i headed over to the local saturday morning farmers market. i whipped out my camera only to discover the battery was dead. thank you instagram on the trusty iphone! i bought some really pretty flowers and pumpkins to carve this afternoon.

i invited my assistant coach's kids over with their mom cause they have never actually carved pumpkins before...i told them this HAD to change. i baked pumpkin spice muffins and we carved three pumpkins and baked the seeds. it was wonderful. the three year old has claimed that i am his girlfriend for the past three months. i'd gladly carve pumpkins and eat candy corn with my boyfriend any day.

tonight the house is empty so i lit some candles and made dinner...chili and corn bread. good music and a clear mind. homework and studying you ask? that's what tomorrow is for. today was a no school related day and it was glorious.

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